The City Government of Mati through the City Planning and Development Office headed by Engr. Ariel Mosquera presented dozen of projects proposals to the Regional Project Advisory Board (RPAB) during its review and endorsement of Department of Agriculture (DA) – Philippine Rural Development Program (PRDP) Subprojects at Grand Menseng Hotel in Davao City few days passed.
The PRDP is a special project proposed by DA for World Bank funding to establish the government platform for a modern, climate-smart and market-oriented agri-fishery sector. PRDP will partner with the LGU and the private sector in providing key infrastructure, facilities, technology, and information that will raise incomes, productivity, and competitiveness in the countryside.
RPAB on the other hand is one of the institutional innovations for the implementation of the Philippine Rural Development Program (PRDP). It oversees the implementation of the program to ensure that policy directions are carried out. The group is tasked to review and approve projects for funding and endorse work and financial plan to the National Program Coordination Office.
Being a first timer in the PRDP, LGU Mati is comprehensively prepared from the thorough examination of the endorsing board down to the grassroots consultations regarding its necessity, viability, and sustainability. After its exhaustive scrutiny, RPAB eventually approved the proposals for endorsement.
The projects intend to achieve inclusive growth, thus livelihood programs are incorporated in the grant for an accredited people’s organizations within the locality. Aside from providing their basic necessity, alternative means of livelihood will be part of the delivery.