To raise awareness and empower the children to recognise, reject and report bullying behaviour, the City Government of Mati conducted the Anti-Bullying Campaign through a film showing.
The National Director of the Film Academy of the Philippines Leo Martinez, together with Filmmaker Edgardo ‘Boy’ Vinarao and Actor Archie Adamos, facilitated the said activity at the Mati Socio-Cultural Center that drew thousand of students and faculty members from Mati National Comprehensive High School (MNCHS) and Immaculate Heart of Mary Academy (IHMA).
Bullying is a worldwide problem among school children. While children who bully others generally do not understand the impact of what they are doing, bullying has a well-documented and very serious negative impact in both the short term and the long term on targeted children.
With the aim to put bullying to an end and achieve resolution in this case, the activity emphasizes the anti-bullying message again and again in an imaginative ways to change the way the students think and ultimately to change the way they behave towards each other.