Special education experts and therapists based in the United States of America, in cooperation with some specialists from Davao City came to Mati for a special outreach program at Rabat-Rocamora Memorial Central Elementary School – SPED Center.
Mayor Carlo P. Rabat welcomed the guests in a simple fellowship together with their local counterpart, Ms. Jenny Sasin Floirendo, founder of Philippine Outreach and Tanya Rabat-Tan, the Philippine Outreach Coordinator.
One parent was greatly overjoyed by this event hoping he can now help more his kid with this better awareness and assessment he learnt from the program.
On the other hand, Principal Maria Alciel B. Garcia shared her challenges upon her assumption to office. “How can I help the kids given the limited resources? Thank God there are people like Mayor Carlo P. Rabat who helped us find the solution by bringing experts and specialists to our school at no cost.”
The mission team were very glad for the outreach program that urged Outreach Program Head Dr. Robert Reiley to commit himself in bringing more friends to Mati for the same purpose, saying “We shall return.”