CITY OF MATI, Davao Oriental 15 July – Having problems with garbage disposals? Well, you can make your trash into cash.
The City Government of Mati through the Barangay Integration for Development and Action (BIDA) Program and Green Communities Program headed by Vice Mayor Glenda Rabat-Gayta, in partnership with City Agriculture Office and Davao Oriental State College of Science and Technology, has introduced UCG’s way of life into different heights. It is called home gardening, a modest resolution to extensive urbanization.
Urban Container Gardening (UCG) is a micro model of farming where a family unit or household is producing fruits and vegetables in a special recycled containers and materials for personal consumption to help improve the income, health and well-being of its family members.
In his message during its recognition and moving up ceremony last 13 July at AVR-DOSCST, Mayor Carlo Rabat extended his gratitude to the participants with greater optimism for a self-reliant and self-sufficient food supply in every family.
On this occasion, UCG practitioners were given due recognition for their significant contribution in the development of the Green Community’s way of life. Aside from its economical nature, this program is very environment friendly since utilization of recycled materials is highly maximized.
“Sa UCG, makakaon ka na, makakwarta ka pa!” (In UCG, you can eat and earn at the same time) says one UCG practitioner.